Aurelia Beta Week - Day 4 - Ecosystem

Posted by AureliaEffect on November 19, 2015

We continue our beta release week with some exciting news about our ecosystem. The Aurelia team is hard at work developing resources for all types of Aurelia users from Web Devs to Designers to CIOs. We understand the importance of having a rich ecosystem and that being able to get the information or help you need to stay productive is vital. There are also many external resources that are being developed by our excellent community. We'd like to take a few words to highlight a small portion of the work currently happening to build Aurelia's ecosystem.


We know that education is a very important part of any ecosystem. That's why we've committed to creating a variety of resources to get you the knowledge and assistance you need. Currently in development - docs, blogs, video training series, books, guides and example projects.

Community Gitter Channel

We are grateful to have a very active and helpful community. With over 2400 members in our community gitter channel, there always seems be someone to give advice or point you in the right direction. Our gitter channel also serves as a very effective feedback loop. Our dedicated core team is not only helping community members with their individual issues, but also sees the trends on problems needing immediate attention.

Docs App

As mentioned in yesterday , we've worked hard on a new docs experience. It will continue to be updated with new features and content each week. One notable feature to explore is the new Getting Started page. Here you will find an updated "Getting Started" guide, designed to make it easy for any developer to pick up and start learning within a couple of minutes. The new "beginner kits" are provided in ES 2016 and the highly requested TypeScript!

Training Classes

Although reading guides and interacting online can be great for some, we know that many organizations may want to provide standard training for a group of employees. Custom training classes can focus the students on what is important and quickly create a proficient developer. These can be held onsite at your campus or via a virtual classroom. We are offering a standard curriculum and can customize classes if your organization has particular interests or specific needs. Please contact with any questions or to schedule your training.

Community Resources

The community has been working hard and there are many learning resources availabe. Here is a list of some community resources that may be helpful to you during development:

To get connected with news about Aurelia and its ecosystem, we invivte you to join our mailing list . Don't worry, we hate spam as much as you do. We'll be respectful in how we communicate via this channel.


In addition to training, we also provide development support to organizations that are building Aurelia applications and need expert assistance. We can get you this assistance in a variety of ways.

A La Carte

Every developer can use a little help occasionally. Perhaps you would like a code review, a second opinion or just a little help getting through a tricky portion of the application? For those situations we are going to provide a mechansim to easily schedule time with one of the experts on the Aurelia team. Instead of spinning your wheels on some technical issue, you can stay productive and focus on the business of the application. The availability of this option will be based on the schedule of the team members. While not currently accessible, this feature should be live in the next couple of weeks, available on

Hire a Member For Your Team

If you are working on a large, long-term project, having an expert embedded in your team can significantly improve the result of the development effort. Over the last year, Durandal Inc. has been working to establish a global partner network with access to hundreds of developers. We believe that such a network is an important part of the overall ecosystem and we are using it to connect trained Aurelia developers together with development teams. If you are interested in hiring an Aurelia developer to create a successful outcome for your next project, please contact us at to discuss your needs.

Hire a Dev Team

Perhaps you need more than just a single developer; you need to hire a team to build your product. No problem. Our partner network has a wide range of companies from those who can service enterprise organizations, to more boutique mobile app development shops. We've got you covered. Please contact us at and we'll help you get connected.

Enterprise Service Agreements

As of our Beta 1 release, we now offer enterprise service agreements. Enterprise organizations can purchase professional service agreements for their organization to ensure they get the support that they need. For details about our enterprise service agreements, please contact .

Future Plans

We are working hard to make sure everyone has the tools and resources that they need to be successful in their projects. These options are just the beginning. We have big plans to improve existing resources, build more infrastructure and support new initiatives. We'll be announcing much more in the coming months (starting with tomorrow's day 5 post). As always, we are excited to hear from you about what we can do to help you be successful .