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Aurelia <3 Webpack

Posted by AureliaEffect on March 10, 2016

Thanks to the incredible work of community member Martijn Boland we're happy to announce preliminary support for Webpack!

Aurelia support for Webpack has been a long-time request. However, our core team is most experienced with system.js, require.js and dojo (loaders that Aurelia already supported). We had hoped that someone from the community who was passionate about Webpack would step up to help us add it as an option. After much discussion over approaches, Martijn Boland stepped up to put together several key components:

These key pieces were then assembled into a new skeleton project for those who want to use Aurelia and Webpack. It's available along with our other skeletons .

Now that the base code for Webpack support has been created, we're looking for some members from the community that are enthusiastic about Webpack and are interested in helping us to take our skeleton and plugins and continue to improve them. If that describes you, we'd love for you to check out the repos linked above as well as the new skeleton. We'd be happy to work with you through pull requests to continue to enhance our support for the Webpack community going forward.

Thanks again to Martijn for kicking this off. We look forward to working with more of you in the future to take this to the next level.