i18n Update Release

Posted by AureliaEffect on March 25, 2016

This week we launched updates of Aurelia libraries built with Babel 6. We had one library that we weren't able to update at that time: aurelia-i18n.

Today we have an update release of the aurelia-i18n library. It includes two important changes:

  1. We have updated our internal dependency on i18next to v2.
  2. We have updated the build process to use Babel 6.

These changes bump the aurelia-i18n library version to 0.5.0. As usual, per semver, because this is a change to a minor version number, prior to a major v1, this constitutes a breaking change version. As a result, you cannot simply "update". Package managers won't give you the latest version because they don't want you to break your code unknowingly. Here's how you can get the latest:

  • If using JSPM, jspm install aurelia-i18n to overwrite the current version with a new install.
  • If using NPM, change the version of the aurelia-i18n package in your package.json file to ^0.5.0 and then run npm install.

Thanks for your patience as we worked out the last few issues with our i18n library!