New Aurelia Fundamentals Course on Pluralsight

Posted by AureliaEffect on May 9, 2016

A great new learning resource is now available for people wanting to get up to speed on developing Single Page Applications using Aurelia - the Aurelia Fundamentals course on Pluralsight by Brian Noyes . The course provides an end to end coverage of everything you need to know to get productive fast building applications with Aurelia.

About the Course

The course starts off making sure you are up to speed on Single Page Application architecture in general, NPM & JSPM and how they are used in Aurelia, as well as covering the basics of ECMAScript 2015 & 2016, which both Aurelia and the samples in the course use. Next it shows how to get started building a "Hello World" kind of application from scratch or using the Skeleton Navigation sample provided by the Aurelia team as a starting point. It then has a module dedicated to the MVVM UI separation pattern that Aurelia uses for composing the visual structure of your app components (the Views) with the supporting interaction logic (the ViewModels).

Then the course digs into the core building blocks of Aurelia in depth through a series of 5 modules, specifically Dependency Injection, Routing, and Data Binding. Next up it walks you through using some of the other Aurelia modules that are also vital for fleshing out your applications, including calling HTTP services with the Http Client or Fetch Client, using the Dialog and Validation plug ins, and using Pub/Sub events. The last big core topic is on developing custom elements and attributes to create reusable and well-encapsulated logic and components for your applications. The final module makes a quick pass on testing your Aurelia applications with unit and end-to-end testing, and also shows how to use the Aurelia bundler to get your code ready to ship.

So check out the course and be sure to spread the word.

About the Author

Brian Noyes is CTO and Co-founder of Solliance (, a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP, and Pluralsight author. Brian specializes in building rich HTML and XAML clients and the services that back them with ASP.NET, WCF, and Azure. Brian is author of nine Pluralsight courses, four books, and dozens of magazine and online publication articles. He is a frequent top rated speaker at conferences worldwide including Microsoft TechEd, VSLive!, DevIntersection, DevConnections, DevTeach, DevReach, and others. Brian got started programming as a hobby while flying F-14 Tomcats in the U. S. Navy, later turning his passion for software development into his current career. You can reach Brian through his blog at or on Twitter @briannoyes.