Aurelia For Real World Web Applications on Leanpub

Posted by AureliaEffect on May 16, 2016

"Aurelia For Real World Web Applications" is for anyone wanting to dip their feet or dive head first into the Aurelia JavaScript framework. The book assumes no previous knowledge of Aurelia or any other JavaScript framework, and aims to be a comprehensive be all and end all resource on Aurelia. The book helps guide you through setting up a development environment, offers advice on structuring your applications and how to build components. At the end of the book you will take all of the knowledge you have learned in previous chapters and build actual working web applications (with full source code provided).

About the Book

The book is being published on Leanpub and is constantly evolving. Unlike conventionally published books, you are not buying a completed book, but rather buying a book that is currently being updated with new content every 2 or so weeks with new chapters, typos and other changes. The benefits of this approach are when something new is added into Aurelia or something changes, you can take comfort in knowing the book will always be up-to-date.

Because this book is for the Aurelia community, you are encouraged to provide feedback on the accompanying Github repository here . As you can see, a lot of feedback has been provided from typos right through to content suggestions. So do not be shy if you think the book is missing something, you want some clarification or you spot a spelling mistake.

While the book is only currently about 65% completed, you can see a complete roadmap here of future planned chapters which are being published in the order listed.

Although the applications chapter is planned for second-to-last, you can see a sneak peak of one of the applications you will be building (complete with source code) here in the form of a fully-featured Markdown Editor using Aurelia.

The book is available here starting from as low as $15, using Leanpub's pay-what-you-want model.

About The Author

Dwayne Charrington is a front-end developer from Brisbane, Australia with a passion for JavaScript and all things web for the last decade and counting. A developer by day, developer by night and developer at all other times of the day, Dwayne loathes talking about himself in third person, but has been known to do so when persuaded from time to time. He has been known to drink a lot of coffee and occasionally goes outside to do things that don't involve sitting in-front of a computer screen.