Built With Aurelia

Posted by AureliaEffect on August 15, 2016

We've had a lot of requests from those interested in Aurelia to hear about and see apps, plugins and components built with Aurelia. This week, one of our Core Team authors and creators, Dwayne Charrington, has something cool to share...

Hello everyone! My name is Dwayne Charrington and I am a front-end developer and Aurelia author from sunny Queensland, Australia.

I have just launched a new Aurelia showcase site called Built With Aurelia with the simple goal of showcasing all of the great things the community is building with and for Aurelia. Over the last few months I have been observing the community discuss the great applications they are building. Many are asking for examples of Aurelia being used in the real world.

I love seeing what others have built and reading through code, so a showcase site that not only shows you what is possible to build with Aurelia, but also helps provide some free publicity to the community while coinciding with the recent release of Aurelia 1.0, seemed fitting.

The site itself is built using the Aurelia CLI, it is hosted on Github Pages and leverages Google's versatile Firebase platform. The site also allows you to vote up submissions (which requires creating a free account).

There are plenty of ideas on the wish list, so stay tuned as the site will be continually improved over the coming months. If you have built something with Aurelia or maybe a plugin/bridge, feel free to submit it to the site: self promotion is encouraged.

Kind regards, Dwayne Charrington

PS. Shameless plug: I am currently writing a publish-as-I-go book on Aurelia which you can grab over here at Leanpub if you are interested in learning more about developing with Aurelia. It is currently 76% complete.