Case Study: Nordic Cinema Group

Posted by AureliaEffect on January 18, 2017

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Tomas Billborn, from Nordic Cinema Group, to tell you a little bit about their experience with Aurelia.

My name is Tomas Billborn and I work as web-developer/IT-consultant at
Nordic Cinema Group, the leading cinema operator in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

About a year ago, we chose to use Aurelia for our project. In May of 2016, we felt comfortable enough to have our first release for Norway. Today, our initial site has matured and we've launched a beta version for Sweden as well.

Our web solution is served from Azure, using a CMS called EPi-Server and an Aurelia setup of WebPack and ESNext. An oversimplified version of our requirements is: a responsive web site that meets WCAG 2.0 standards, really fast performance, great ease-of-use and the ability to have everything editable from the CMS with common functionality shared across all different markets (with the option to add local as well).

Why did we choose Aurelia?

We chose Aurelia because of its clear idea of following Web Standards and how easily we could create reusable custom elements, enhanced with a template engine that was very intuitive in its workings.

Performance was critical.

More than half of our customers are buying tickets on their mobile phones, so we had to make sure we could have a fast enough initial loading that would never exceed two seconds.

We started out with JSPM, which met our requirments, but moved on to WebPack when it was made available for three reasons: it cut our loading times by one third, we had no issues with the Edge browser and lastly it added more flexability to our deployment build.

Today we are building an arbitary amount of markets with the demands above simply by executing npm install --production. That's hard to beat.

Even if you don't understand the Swedish or Norwegian language, I think you can appreciate the GUI built with Aurelia and some of its key features, such as parallell router-views, to create seamless transitions from one page to another.

We'd love for you to check out the site! You can visit the Norwegian Cinema site at or the Swedish Cinema Beta site at

Note: The site's checkout flow may be closed between 22:00 - 08:00 Central European Time. If so, certain sections of the site might not be accessible.