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AureliaCasts - Creating Compelling Aurelia Video Tutorials

Posted by Nick Shallee on February 15, 2018

This week, we're proud to have community member and creator of AureliaCasts, Nick Shallee, guest posting to share with our community what he's been up to.

So what exactly is AureliaCasts?

AureliaCasts is intended to be easy-to-follow video tutorials focusing on, but not entirely exclusive to, the Aurelia Framework. Currently, I'm working through a beginner tutorial series aimed at reducing the barrier to entry for new users, especially those less experienced who may be deterred or intimidated by following documentation alone. Ultimately, I'd like AurleiaCasts to be a place where developers of all experience levels can go to have a more personable learning experience. AureliaCasts content is currently hosted on YouTube and embedded at (built with Aurelia, of course!).

Why am I doing this?

First and foremost, Aurelia is a terrific framework. Unlike other prominent frameworks; however, there appears to be a lack of free, Aurelia-specific, high-resolution video tutorial content with clear audio and fresh content (i.e., not just running through the to-do list and contact manager tutorials taken directly from ). Websites like are great but tend to be too diverse to justify paying for: it doesn't feel like those sites are "for me" as an Aurelia developer.

Second, there are some self-serving reasons for doing creating AureliaCasts: it brings together my desire to teach and my interest in building my own Aurelia expertise.

Finally, and most excitingly, it feels like a critical mass of community support is emerging for Aurelia right now. From the publication of the excellent Aurelia in Action book by Sean Hunter, users engaging in the Aurelia Users Community Space (AUCS) , and the conversations and user interaction seen on the Aurelia Discourse and StackOverflow , it couldn't be a better time to get into Aurelia. I'm hoping I can do my little part by adding compelling video tutorial content to the mix.

Community Support

I have received an incredible amount of support from Aurelia community members. Thank you! I have also received questions about how to contribute. There are three items I could really use some help on:

  • Video feedback and improvements. I am by no means perfect and have already received excellent advice on improving my current videos. If you see opportunities for improvement, either technically or in presentation, please let me know!
  • Series ideas. I have a number of ideas so far, but would love to hear from the community on topics that would make for great series. If you can think of a collection of functionality and an application that could be built within a tutorial series to demonstrate all of that functionality, even better!
  • Sharing. I have already been blown away by how much the community has shared AureliaCasts. Please continue if you support the endeavor.

If you'd like to get in touch, the best way currently is to reach out to me on Twitter @aureliacasts.

Next Steps

So little to do, so much time to do it in. Wait, strike that, reverse it! I have a lot planned for AureliaCasts, but like many of you, have many professional and personal commitments. The following list details some of the (eventual) plans for the project:

  • Finish the beginner tutorial series, which focuses on fundamentals, binding, templating, and building a blog front-end.
  • Create additional tutorial series, including: an intermediate tutorial series (still seeking topics); multiple series of the same project with different back-end solutions (e.g., Node, Lumen, .NET); and an authentication series. As mentioned above, please let me know if you have other series ideas!
  • Produce second versions of all content using Typescript.
  • Once there is enough traction, build out to be the focal point rather than relying on YouTube.

Thank You

As I mentioned, I have been overwhelmed by all the Aurelia community support. It has reaffirmed my decisions to pursue Aurelia as a framework and start the AureliaCasts project. Thanks to all of you, and thanks to the Aurelia core team for the support and for creating Aurelia.