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Server Side Rendering

Posted by Jeroen Vinke on February 25, 2018

Today, we're very excited to announce the early-adopter release of Aurelia's Server Side Rendering!

With Server Side Rendering, the server returns the HTML of a fully rendered page, which is great for Search Engine Optimization and initial render times. For this to work, your Aurelia application has to run on the server, which we've now enabled through the combination of Node.js and Koa .


We'd love for you to play around with Aurelia Server Side Rendering. That's why we've made a skeleton application that's already setup for you, making it easy to get started quickly. Interested? Download it from the skeleton-navigation repository and follow these instructions to get started.

Learn More

If you would like to read more on this subject, check out the Server Side Rendering documentation .

Thank You Angular Team and Community

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to the Angular team and their community. In building our Aurelia SSR implementation, we were able to leverage foundational work that the Angular team had invested into their preboot library. Thanks to Jeff Whelply, Patrick Stapleton, Jeff Cross, Alex Rickabaugh, and Vikram Subramanian for their great work and for building something that was usable by other frameworks.

What Next?

Currently, Server Side Rendering is best used by early adopters. We'd like to work with you, the Aurelia community, in developing this feature further. Your feedback and contributions are instrumental in doing so.

We think that next milestones should be to add a Server Side Rendering option to the Aurelia CLI for the Webpack bundler, so that the Aurelia CLI can set it up for you when you create new Webpack projects using au new. Then, we'd like to look into Server Side Rendering for .NET Core so that you can choose whether to use .NET Core or Node.js to render and serve your application. If any of these upcoming goals interest you, we'd love for you to contribute and help us deliver these incremental updates faster. Please join us in continuing to build Aurelia together.