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Join Our Great Community!

One of the best open source communities around.

First, head over to our community gitter channel and introduce yourself to our friendly community members. Our community members are always happy to help anwser questions and lend a helping hand to someone getting started with the framework. Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck at the beginning, but most questions when starting a new project can be anwsered quickly by posting to the community channel. In addition to Gitter, you can also ask questions on Stack Overflow.

If you believe that you have found a bug in Aurelia itself, please post an issue to the appropriate github repository and it will be reviewed soon. Are you looking to support open source? Our core team provides discounted rates to companies who want to fund bug fixes.

Enterprise Support Agreements

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We offer enterprise service agreements that will give you and your team great peace of mind. You can know that when you need support, there will be a dedicated expert ready to help you. We believe in our customers and our community and we deeply desire to help ensure your success.

For more information email support@bluespire.com