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Introducing Monterey

Posted by AureliaEffect on October 3, 2016

One of Aurelia's greatest strengths is the dedication and ingenuity of its community. Today we'd like to introduce you to a community group that is building all sorts of tools and extensions for Aurelia. Fittingly, they call themselves the Aurelia Tools Team. Read on to hear directly from their team lead, Adriatic, about the exciting new technology they are building for Aurelia developers.

Today, we are ready to share a brand new approach to Aurelia application development. Instead of creating yet another IDE, the Aurelia Tools team's approach has been to integrate all development tools, including various IDEs, CLI tools, file managers, code editors and module loader managers into a single top level command center application. We named this application Monterey, hoping that the name will instill the same bliss in our users as a visit to Monterey's Fisherman Wharf did so many years ago to one of our own members (Adriatic). At the moment, this name is just a code name. In the future, you will have an opportunity to choose the real, meaningful name.


A much more abstract definition of Monterey is used in the file from the Monterey Github repository :

Monterey is an extensible application that provides a graphical user interface for a collection of tools to simplify the creation, configuration and maintenance of Aurelia applications.

A Few Facts

  • Monterey is an Aurelia application which is "packaged" as an Electron-based desktop application.
  • Monterey is an MIT licensed open source project and you can join and contribute on Github .
  • Monterey is available as an "alpha" preview today for both Windows and OSX. You can get it from here .
  • The Monterey User manual is quite informative, with lots of examples of how to use Monterey.
  • We've only done minimal testing on the Linux platform, so we would like to hear about your experience using Monterey on Linux.

Installing Monterey

Monterey can be installed on three different platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. These installers can be downloaded by clicking on the tiles below.

When you run the application and use it to create a new project, you'll see something like this.


Our Requests

Please stay in touch with the Aurelia Tools Team, as this tool can only be as good as the sum of all ideas we hope to get from the Aurelia Community. We would love for you to respond to the survey below. As Monterey grows, we will be able to offer other, more specific surveys, allowing you to directly influence what this tool will evolve into.


We are very interested to hear what you think after using Monterey for the first time. Please consider filling in our survey . It will help us with further development of Monterey.