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New Aurelia Features and Release Notes - 1/12/2017

Posted by AureliaEffect on January 12, 2017

This week's releases contain the usual bug fixes as well as a few performance enhancements. Additionally, a couple of new features have landed.

Option Attribute Primary Properties

Thanks to the hard work of community member Doug Kent , a single bindable property can now be made the primary among all the options in an Options Attribute. Thus, when you use a custom attribute that would otherwise require using the options HTML syntax, and you want to provide a value or binding only for the primary property, you can use the simpler HTML syntax of a single value binding.

With Options Attributes, each bindable property must be decorated with the bindable decorator. To specify that you want a bindable property to be the primary among all the other bindable properties, use the primaryProperty configuration parameter of the bindable decorator, as shown below:

    import {bindable, inject} from 'aurelia-framework';
    export class SquareCustomAttribute {
      @bindable sideLength;
      @bindable({ primaryProperty: true }) color;
        this.element = element;

Then, when you use the custom attribute, instead of writing this:

    <div square="color.bind: squareColor"></div>

You can write this:

    <div square.bind="squareColor"></div>


Aurelia's i18n plugin is built on i18next which works with various backends to load translation files. As of our latest release, we now ship with a backend built on top of Aurelia's Loader abstraction. This enables our translation loading backend to leverage whichever module loader you've configured with aurelia. Thanks to Kees van Ginkel for working on this!

Below you can find releases notes for the rest of the fixes and performance improvements.

Minor Releases

Minor updates include new features, updates to bugs and performance improvements.

aurelia-dependency-injection 1.3.0

Bug Fixes

  • registrations: incorrect behavior for auto resolution when... ( 708b5fd )


  • Added getHandler method retrieve the handler associated with a key.

aurelia-templating 1.2.0

Bug Fixes

  • Add return to hasAttribute and getAttribute ( 1f8bb3a )
  • composition-engine: add "host" to CompositionContext ( b9d927c )


Performance Improvements

  • view-factory: Avoid creating anonymous function for each containerless anchor.

aurelia-templating-binding 1.2.0


  • options: default property support ( e422b6c )

Performance Improvements

  • AttributeMap: use non-capturing regex group ( fd4a7e7 )

aurelia-i18n 1.3.0

Bug Fixes

  • attr: fix camel-casing attributes ( 8a458a8 )
  • attribute: bindable attribute check ( 2c45b08 )


  • aurelia-i18n-loader: Added backend for i18next to use aurelia's loader ( eb5909a )
  • aurelia-i18n-loader: Added backend for i18next to use aurelia's loader ( f4d3166 )

aurelia-cli 0.24.0


  • typescript: set lib to es2017 for upcoming js features
  • new command: enable configuration of html minification

Bug Fixes

  • transform: enable wrap shim for shimmed definitions
  • build: update babel presets to avoid deprecated module
  • package-analyzing: allow deeper levels for source root
  • src/main: remove bluebird config that causes Edge issue

Patch Releases

Patch updates include only fixes to bugs and performance improvements.

aurelia-binding 1.1.1

Bug Fixes

aurelia-http-client 1.0.4

Bug Fixes

  • Improve dts files.

aurelia-router 1.1.1

Bug Fixes

  • Router: fix an error when updateTitle is called but there is not current instruction ( 872fda1 )