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Case Study: netroStation

Posted by AureliaEffect on April 4, 2017

One of the exciting things we get to do on the Aurelia blog is share various customer stories and case studies. Sometimes, it's for large, well-known companies like The Nordic Cinema Group but at other times we get to tell the equally-exciting story of a developer who launched their first tech startup.

My name is Michal Rutrich. I'm a professional web developer with almost 10 years of experience building corporate web applications using Microsoft technologies - ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC. I've also had the chance to develop a portal from scratch using the Durandal framework.

When Rob Eisenberg released the alpha version of Aurelia, I was fascinated by how easy the development is, how clean the code looks and all the benefits it brings. I decided do give it a try and take it for a spin.

For the last 1.5 years I was a web developer by day and a next-gen-full-stack-open-source ninja by weekends, evenings and nights. I spent literally all of my free time building an app I always wanted and learning the latest trends in web development to accomplish it. It was a roller coaster ride with some serious ups and downs but the greatest professional experience I can recommend to everyone. The application was supposed to be just for my closest family and friends, but during the process I decided to go public, which doubled the effort needed.

I am proud to announce the release of my own startup: netroStation.

netroStation makes browsing the Internet easier and more comfortable. All your favorite links are visually organized and available on your browser's homepage. It can help you be more productive at work, improve your browsing experience at home and help you, your parents, or kids to be just a click away from the websites they most often visit.

The solution is built using Aurelia ES.Next along with JSPM as the package manager. It's hosted in Azure as a Geo Distributed Web app, it leverages Traffic Manager, Redis and static files that are served from CDN.

You can learn more and join netroStation at I would like to hear your feedback, which you can share with me at