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Introducing Aurelia Succinctly

Posted by AureliaEffect on May 24, 2017

Interested in checking out a free book on Aurelia? Check out Aurelia Succinctly! It gives a great foundation for building your Aurelia applications.

 Aurelia Succinctly

In this book you will learn all the core concepts as well as review live code samples. The book will walk you through getting your machine setup for development and various options with using the Aurelia CLI.

You will examine key components of EMCAScript 2015 & 2016, formerly known as ES6 & 7. You will be introduced to the Skeleton Navigation sample and evaluate how the application works. Next, the book will cover the main components of Aurelia, like the following:

  • Databinding
  • Routing
  • Components
  • Custom Elements
  • Custom Attributes
  • Custom Binding Behaviors
  • Services
  • Event Aggregation
  • Compose
  • Dynamic Views
  • Features
  • Plugins
  • Testing
  • Bundling
  • Deploying

Upon completing this book, you should have a solid understanding of building an application using Aurelia as well as an appreciation of how unobtrusive the framework is by not getting in your way as you develop in JavaScript or TypeScript.

Download the book now and add it to your bag of reference materials.

Matthew Duffield is the author of ES6 Succinctly which is another great reference when learning how to use modern JavaScript.

 ES6 Succinctly

You can download the book here .

He is also the author of FrontEnd Creator where they have recently opened the tool up to a closed Beta.

 FrontEnd Creator

FrontEnd Creator is a drag-n-drop editor with full HTML, JavaScript, and CSS editing written entirely in Aurelia. You are able to build out screens in minutes. Check it out!