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Financing Changes to Aurelia

Posted by Matthew James Davis on May 16, 2018

As you may have noticed, there have recently been some significant additions to the Aurelia financial ecosystem. In addition to individual team members like myself introducing Patreon pages to fund their individual efforts on the framework , we've also launched an OpenCollective campaign which has already risen to be one of the top funded projects, despite being one of the newest projects on the site. Additionally, we are putting together updated enterprise support options that will be available this quarter. With all of these options flying around, I want to talk a little bit about each, why it exists, and what purpose it will serve.

OpenCollective benefits the community

The Aurelia core team and community have put a great deal of work into making Aurelia the most enjoyable web application development experience possible. We like to believe the product speaks for itself, but the truth is that when it comes to marketing, you can always use a little help. We sometimes hear disheartening stories where Aurelia is presented as an option for a project only to be met with the response "I've never heard of it." One of the reasons the Aurelia OpenCollective exists is to help provide the resources needed to promote the framework throughout the broader JavaScript and developer communities. Here are some ways we're planning to utilize the OpenCollective funds to achieve this:

  • Cover overhead expenses, such as the website and newsletter email services
  • Reward community members for contributions on highly requested features or critical fixes
  • Subsidize Aurelia representation at important conferences
  • Provide swag for user groups, meetups, hackathons, and code camps

In general, we will try to make sure that every penny that comes in through OpenCollective is used to benefit the Aurelia community at large in a meaningful way. That is why we will not be using the OpenCollective funds to pay core team members for on-going development on Aurelia.

If you haven't yet, stop by our OpenCollective page .

Patreon, Makersupport funds core team members

Many community members have expressed a desire to underwrite the development efforts of core team members. For that purpose, we have encouraged core team members that are interested in working on Aurelia full-time to set up an account on Patreon, Makersupport, or a similar crowd-funding platform. There are a few reasons that we've done this over collecting funds as a group and allocating them to team members:

  • To provide freedom to core team members to decide how to operate
  • To encourage communication between core team members and the community
  • To promote a fair distribution of funds based on valuable contributions

As of today, all of us still have a source of income outside of crowd-funding, though we hope that this will change before the year closes. We encourage all community members that would like to financially support a team member or underwrite a team member's development of a particular feature to reach out to that team member individually. If you're not sure which team member to support , shoot us an email at and we'll be able to put you in contact with the right team member.

Coming soon, Enterprise Support

Finally, I'd like to announce that we are internally working on offering enhanced support plans targeted at businesses and developers who rely on Aurelia in their daily operations. We will be releasing more information about these plans once they are finalized. Since our support business will depend on a thriving Aurelia, we plan to use a portion of the profits to fund both the OpenCollective initiative and the individual core team members that make Aurelia amazing.

Thank you, everyone

I'd like to personally thank each and every community member who has worked together to keep Aurelia the best frontend framework to develop with in 2018. Whether you've submitted a large feature or a small bug fix, whether you've helped us triage issues, provided important feedback in our forums, answered StackOverflow questions, wrote blogs, enhanced documentation, or supported team members or the community financially, you've made a huge difference in the future of the framework. We on the core team are committed to honor the investment you have made in us. Thank you.