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Aurelia Release Notes - Early October 2018

Posted by Rob Eisenberg on October 1, 2018

As always, we continue to on improving Aurelia by both fixing bugs and adding new features. In fact, while we're hard at work on Aurelia vNext, we've also been back-porting some new features to the current version of Aurelia.


This round of releases to aurelia-templating and aurelia-templating-binding add support for a new let element in your templates. This is an Aurelia vNext feature, which after working out the syntax and semantics of vNext, we were able to port back to the current version of Aurelia with the same behavior. The let element can be used to declare view-specific computed properties within a template. Here's an example of what you can do:

  <let full-name="${firstName} ${lastName}">
    First name:
    <input value.bind="firstName" />
    Last name:
    <input value.bind="lastName" />
  Full name is: "${fullName}"

This is a feature that the community has asked about for a while, so we're happy to deliver it with this set of releases. We hope it makes working with Aurelia even more enjoyable. You can read more about the let element in the documentation here.

To use the new let element feature, you will need the latest versions of both aurelia-templating and aurelia-templating-binding.


The aurelia-testing library has had a beta version for quite some time, though it has been very stable for a while. As a result, we're moving the testing plugin to an official 1.0 release. You should see no breaking changes in this release, only a few bug fixes.

And More...

There are many more fixes and improvements in this batch of releases. You can find the full set of release notes below for more details. Please stay tuned for an upcoming major release of the CLI and our Q3 update, detailing the great progress we're making on Aurelia vNext.

Major Releases

Major updates may include breaking changes, new features, fixes to bugs and performance improvements.

aurelia-testing 1.0.0

Bug Fixes

  • code example: fix to the manually handling lifecycle example ( #82 ) ( b0fb939 )
  • waitFor: reject with Error rather than string ( #84 ) ( 054dab5 )

Minor Releases

Minor updates include new features, updates to bugs and performance improvements.

aurelia-fetch-client 1.5.0


  • add an aurelia-fetch-client-requests-drained event
  • add get/post/put/delete helpder methods

aurelia-i18n 3.0.0-beta.2

Bug Fixes

  • loader: applying default options ( 2ce9dbb )

aurelia-cli 0.35.0

Bug Fixes

  • fix environment check (--env or NODE_ENV) ( c706c81 ), closes #912
  • fix regression on npm/yarn path when it has white space ( 3641a92 )


aurelia-fetch-client 1.6.0

Bug Fixes

  • doc: fix polyfill example with whatwg-fetch ( df50f6d )

aurelia-templating 1.9.0

Bug Fixes

  • StaticViewStrategy: check for null template before compiling ( 37d23ea )
  • StaticViewStrategy: use DOM.Element instead of HTMLTemplateElement ( f9fb639 )

aurelia-templating 1.10.0

Bug Fixes

  • : enable backward compat, fix doc ( 90684ed )
  • Let: respect DOM order ( dd4ff67 )
  • test: remove old implementation fix in test ( 88cf718 )
  • typings: fix let expression typings ( a756dfe )


  • Let: let element for computed property declaration ( b898ef7 )


Bug Fixes

  • BindingLanguage+Let: enhance implementation ( 863b6ef )


  • Let: support let element ( bef80fc )

Patch Releases

Patch updates include only fixes to bugs and performance improvements.

aurelia-binding 2.1.5

Bug Fixes

  • Update constructor typings for DataAttributeObserver

aurelia-validation 1.2.3

Bug Fixes

  • DI: static inject method instead of property ( 69d3eff )

aurelia-templating-router 1.3.3

Bug Fixes

  • RouterView, RouteHref: delay element injection ( a465e6e )

aurelia-router 1.6.3

Bug Fixes

  • typings: Revert aliasing interface ( 59e4cf2 )
  • Prevent running CanDeactivatePreviousStep twice in same navigation ( 54b3654 ), closes #45