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The Aurelia 2 Alpha Release Is Now Available

Posted by Dwayne Charrington on March 3, 2021

Today the Aurelia team is excited to announce the Aurelia 2 alpha release is now available to try out. We highly recommend that you visit the Hello World section of our docs to quickly get Aurelia 2 up and running as well as other parts of the documentation.

Please be aware that there will be numerous changes during the alpha as we continue our work on Aurelia 2.0's stable release. Some of the API's might change slightly, and things might be added and removed; there will also be some bugs. We do anticipate that most of the changes should be non-disruptive, as the goal of Aurelia 2 is to remain mostly compatible with Aurelia 1.

We know many of you have been excited to try out the new router, but it still needs a little more time and tests before we release it into the wild despite hard work. This means that the alpha will launch with an interim router implementation that only includes a few of the final router's new features. We anticipate that the original and intended v2 router will be merged back in post-alpha about two to three weeks from now.

Work is also ongoing with the documentation. You may encounter some sections being light on content; please be aware that we are continually adding to the docs and refining them. Understandably being an alpha, the code isn't just a work in progress.

We encourage everyone to create issues on our GitHub repository here if you encounter any quirks, bugs or unexpected behaviors. We really look forward to seeing what you build with Aurelia 2.