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Business Advantages

Aurelia is open source platform with commercial backing. If your business is going to spend significant money building software, you want to do it on a platform that's committed to you as a customer. You want to be able to form a relationship with your technology provider to ensure that you and your developers have a solid platform upon which to build your business now and in the years to come.

Commercially Backed

  • Commercial support options available.
  • Custom contracts available for enterprises.
  • Internally "dogfooded" by Blue Spire Inc. in its own products.

Commercial Products and Services

  • Official on-site or virtual training.
  • Consulting, advisory, and code-review services.
  • Aurelia UX (In Development) - Cross-platform, mobile UI components.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Partnerships with both large and boutique consulting organizations in order to provide scale-out of developer resources as needed by businesses adopting Aurelia.
  • Official training partners around the world to deliver training anywhere and anytime.

Broad Customer Reach

  • Applications developed in virtually every space: healthcare, insurance, finance, entertainment, technology, developer tools, LOB, gaming, etc.
  • Used internally at many well-known enterprises.
  • Adoption among large, international organizations and governments as well as small and medium businesses.