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Enterprise Support

Information about official support and consulting services from the Aurelia team.

Aurelia Official Support

Build with confidence with rapid support directly from the Aurelia team available to you every step of the way.

There's no reason to get stuck on difficult, time-wasting problems when the Aurelia team has your back. We offer rapid support with guaranteed response times directly from the engineers behind Aurelia. Whether you're a team of 1 or 100, whether your Aurelia app is a part of your business or is your business, we offer support options that will keep you and your team moving forward, including:

  • Same-day, live support calls
  • 24-hour question and guidance tickets
  • Expert code reviews

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To ensure we exceed your highest expectations, we're currently setting up new support relationships in small groups. Get in touch with us and an Aurelia team member will reach out to you individually.

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Live Support

Eliminate blockers and meet those critical deadlines

You can’t afford to waste time on frustrating problems. With a team of Aurelia engineers behind you, get the same-day expert help you need to clear the way forward.

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Guidance Tickets

Stay on track with rapid responses to your toughest questions

You have questions, and we’ve got answers. Reserve direct access to Aurelia engineers responsible for apps of all sizes and configurations. Share your questions with us and we’ll share everything we’ve learned with you so that you can make informed decisions every step fo the way.

We want to know what you want to know.

Code Reviews

Cut development costs and build rock-solid Aurelia apps with confidence

You’re already crushing it, but even the best developers can use an extra pair of eyes. Let one of our world-class Aurelia developers inspect your code base or pull requests. We’ll train you and your team on how to make your Aurelia app as reliable, extensible, and approachable as possible.

Take your code to the next level.


Open Source Premium Support Enterprise Support
Base Monthly Cost Free $25 per developer per month $500 per developer per month
Live Support Calls Not available $500 per 2 hour call
$250 per additional hour
$200 per 2 hour call
$100 per additional hour
Code Review Sessions Not available $250 per review
Includes a 30 minute follow up session
$250 per review
Includes a 1 hour follow up session
1 review per developer per month free
Guidance Tickets Aurelia Forums
$50 per ticket $50 per ticket
5 tickets per developer per month free


Our core team and partners are able to offer expert consulting on both large and small Aurelia applications. Whether you want to hire members of our team on a per-hour basis without any commitments or need to assemble a team to build out a full application, be confident in your success with the knowledge that your projects are being built by the experts.

Have questions? Email with what you need. We would love to help you connect with talent who can make your project a success!